Thursday, August 17, 2006

East vs. West

From what I have heard and what I have seen, the mothers and the nannies on the East Side are VERY different than those on the West Side.

Let me know if I am wrong.

-The mothers "job" is to look stunning and make herself available for charity functions
- The cook, the cleaner and the laundress are 3 differant people, all from other countries.
- The other nanny also sounds Brittish( yes there are 2 of you)
- The mother calls you her nanny and isnt ashamed to say that you work 24 hrs/6 days a week.
- There is a computer in the kitchen, for recipes and cleaning tips for the staff.
- They have an elevator in their appartment
- Their staff shops at Citerella
- They have two, side by side dishwashers.
- They never mention money
- They talk about you as if you weren't there
- They eat raw food, fresh veg and sometimes yoghurt
- They are always on a diet.


- The mother works, and if not, her "job" is checking her email.
- The cook, the cleaner and the laundress is the same person from an impoverished country.
- You are the only nanny
- The mother refers to you as the babysitter, implying that you only work part-time.
- There is a file of epicurious recipes and every cookbook imaginable on the kitchen shelves .
- They live in a 5th floor walk-up or a 4 story brownstone with no elevator.
- They order from Fresh direct or shop at Fairway.
- You are the dishwasher
- They always talk about how expensive things (including you) are
- They talk about you behind your back
- They eat whole grains, tofu, fondue and pasta
- They are always on a diet.

Blogger Slacker

That's me!

I am never able to keep up with this blogging. How do some of you do it?
I am going to try to be more up-to-date

Here is what I have been up to in the past month!

- Getting my husband on the passport bandwagon...My 31-year-old husband, like most Americans I know, doesn't have a passport!
So I have been collecting forms, filling them out and now we are almost complete. I just have to cut his hair and walk him over to the photo booth by the end of next week. I kid you not!

- Taking exams for Chemistry, Math and English so I can eliminate them from my schedule for the Fall. I am enrolled at City University of NY for their Nursing program at BCC as a transfer student. It is a very exciting and anxiety ridden time. That College Chemistry exam was like reading Japanese. I had no idea what it was about.

- I have been Spring cleaning my apartment and helping a friend (Ana) move into the building next door. Her fiance is in the Netherlands, he is Dutch and he will only be arriving permanently mid-September. Instead of paying for movers, she has decided to hall all her shit on the subway system. It has taken her around 12 trips, but we have finally done it.
This Saturday she is going to hire a U-haul to help her move her bed and dresser and then we are off to IKEA! I can't wait, I have my eye on a cool looking sleeper sofa.

- Setting up my new sewing machine. I still haven't used it. But I will...I have plans, big plans.

- Planning a bridal shower for my friend Ana. She is getting married in September. I have made the invites, they are super cute and now all I have to do is plan the menu, call everyone and come up with a plan for gifts, games and entertainment.

- Gathering all my documents for our Immigrations interview...whew, that in itself is one huge fiasco!

And finally, I am trying hard to get my digital camera up and running so I can post some photographs.

Living right now is my full time job.

In a nutshell, I am going to try to blog more, but first, I have to move our bookshelf into the living room.