Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Naughty Nights

My husband and I are 3 hours away from checking into a theme hotel. oohh I am so excited.
We are going to be staying over in the Castle themed room for 2 nights. I plan on spending as many hours in the dungeon hot tub as I possible can.

The nest 3 days are going to be jam packed and deliciously naughty!

We are due to check in at 3:30, jump in the hot tub, then get ready for a very special 7pm b-bq we have been invited to. When we get home tonight, we will jump back into the hot tub and stay there until I am so wrinkled I will have to crawl out and climb right into the giant, king sized, red-velvet bed.
In the morning I will jump right back into the hot tub until my husband drags me out so we can go exploring.

Tomorrow night, we have tickets to a fabulous show and I am sure we will grab dinner somewhere, then I plan on jumping back in the hot tub.

Oh, I tell you, there is going to be almost as much hot-tubbing going on in our suite,as there was in season 3 of the "Bachelor".

Who cares if it is beautiful and warm outside.
I will be indoors, enjoying the hot tub, the velvet sofa's and room service. LOL

I will blog all about it later.
I have to go find that bubble bath I packed for this trip!