Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another day of Spring

Us in Cape Town 2007

It is almost spring vacation and I cant wait.
I started packing for our trip weeks ago..I do that.
I get ahead of myself and now I realize that I can't remember what I packed and I have to repack the entire suitcase as well as consulting weatherbug.com for the Spring the forecast.

Life is good right now.
Exams are over, vacation is on its way and my husband is, as always: delicious.
He is such a good man that sometimes I have to pinch myself, just to make sure that I am not dreaming.
A few things are going on right now.
Because Spring is here and I am feeling bright, I made a colorful list.

  • We are getting ready for our trip to Minnesota.

  • I bought two fabulous floor lamps at Target...and I have my eye on a brand new sofa..sshhh don't tell my husband, because he really wants a lazy boy. Can you believe that?

  • Our accountant is done with our taxes, so we get to sign the papers tomorrow. Money back is always good.

  • Shawn, my hubby accepted a full-time job at a magazine, not his dream job, but he appears to be taking one for the team. I guess I should really get him some sort of lazy-boy-style chair after all.

  • My father-in-laws birthday is coming up and Shawn and I have gotten him the best present ever. He is going to love it.

  • I am trying to make healthy food choices, but often fail....hence my anticipation for our trip to Minnesota and the carb-loading zone of Macaroni Grill.

  • It has been 94 days since we left for south Africa and I miss my family. But the good part is that we will go back, just not right now.

  • I am tired of blogging now. GOODNIGHT!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today is the first day of Spring.......Yippeeeeeeeeeeee.

I know we were in Africa for most of the dreaded Winter, but since we have been back I felt like Winter would never end.
Finally, the cold will start to subside.

another good part about Spring for me, is all the cleaning. spring cleaning is my favorite activity. Like an early Christmas.

Oh I love it.

I dont have school today, so I am spending this afternoon with my friends 4 year old. I am picking her up from school and we are going out to lunch and then to Diller Quaille school of music.

I cant wait to see her little face.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nursing Back

I am a terrible blogger because I am working hard at school. Maybe this will help you forgive me for my tardy posts.