Saturday, November 25, 2006


Our closet is finally mold free.

Thank goodness, because I don't know how much longer I could have slept in the living room.

A few days ago, sleeping on the sofa bed was like participating in the discovery of a new Japanese torture device.

Shawn and I thought we would eventually be able to train ourselves to sleep standing up, because nothing could have been worse than sleeping on that futon.
So, after 2 torturous nights, we moved our bed into the living room and have been sleeping OK, but it feels like we are living in a studio again.

Our apartment looks like a bomb hit it, there is no order at all, we have piles of laundry that need to be sent out, tons of clothes we have to throw away because of the mold and an entire room full of junk that has accumulated from the chaos.
This has been one hectic week, but thankfully comes to an end!

We are going to move our bed back into the bedroom tonight. I am supposed to be mopping the bedroom floor right now so we can move the bed back into the room and Shawn has run out to pick up some Caesar Salad and Buffalo Chicken tenders.

We are going to celebrate having our bedroom back, by having an indoor pic-nic on our wonderful bed, in our fabulous bedroom and by watching a sweaty, hunky, somewhat creepy Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3. - Thank you Netflix!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Smelly Mold!

For two months our neighbors/friends who live in the apartment below us have been having breathing problems, chest pains and wheezing. A few weeks ago, their puppy developed asthma.
Now last week, I have gotten a cold and headaches etc.
Today after our downstairs neighbor told us to look in our closet, I was appalled to find that the back of our closet was wet and yucky.

Its a huge built in closet, and behind all the clothes and shoe racks, it is filled with mold. Apparently there is a leak in the wall and it has dripped down to the apartment below us.
Their closet is an Amazon jungle of mold. We are all sick and panicked, so we called 311 to see if we need the health department to check it out.
Thankfully, our super is sending someone, but who knows how long this has been going on.

Of course it has to happen around Thanksgiving, when we are already in chaos trying to organise a fabulous dinner.

Anyway, I sprayed the mold with bleach, yes, the bleech spray from the post below - I still love it
I think it kills everything, so why not mold too. And now all I can do is wait, and wheeze and cough and hope the mold spores aren't toxic.

Any advice from anyone who has dealt with this before?

Now I have to go empty our closets and throw out all the damaged goods.

Uuggghhh, the life of a New Yorker, if these old buildings could talk, who knows what they would tell us.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh, so many excuses

From the sporatic blogging I have done over the past few months, one might assume my blogging quest has fallen by the wayside. But I gaurantee you that it has not. In fact I "think" at many times throughout the day. Juat today as I was walking home from school, I was thinking about so many reasons I have not kept my blog up to date.
here are just a few.

  1. College is hectic, tests, classes and chaos
  2. Thanksgiving is coming and I am prepping the apartment for our fabulous soiree
  3. Our trip to South Arica is just around the corner and I spend every waking moment planning it and deciding what to wear in make-believe situations that just might occur when we get there lol
  4. volunteering after college, with the kids for two afternoons, steals a whole two days of my week
  5. I am trying to get into a fitness regimen. I am still in the sitting on the sofa and thinking about it, rather than doing it phase, but I working on it.
  6. I am lazy. right now anyway. there, I finally said it. I just cant seem to sit in front of this computer and blog a thing.
  7. I read too many blogs, that by the time I finish reading them I am suffering from eye strain and in need of my icy mask.
  8. Too many people I know personally read it..yes I am talking about you guys..the parents... so I limit the juicy sex gossip....which leads to posts about cleaning and lists about why I dont blog.
  9. When I am online I am playing scrabble. I have become a word junkie. Actually, I am trying to prep myself for what I am sure is going to be a scrabble war between us and my parents in south Africa. they are scrabble nuts and know something like 100 2 letter words that dont make sense.