Saturday, March 25, 2006

Catherine Zeta Jones Sighting

WHO: Miss Catherine Zeta Jones, in the flesh!

WHERE: A knitting store located on Manhattans Upper West Side

WHEN: A Sunday 2 weeks ago around 1pm

WHAT: She was wearing jeans, a black pumpkin hat and a fabulous coat. I think it was lamb.

WHY: She was looking for wool and patterns, yes this girl knits, another reason to love her.

SUMMARY: I was doing my usual Sunday stuff. I had met my friend for breakfast at 9am at French Roast, we gabbed and drank coffee till 11am and then wondered over to our favorite knitting store where we shop, knit and hang out in the back room with a few other regulars and the owner. I spend my time chatting with the girls, knitting, sharing techniques, ironing my projects and flipping from the back to the front of the store. While on one of my excursions to the front of the store to get some help winding up my ball of yarn I hear the most fabulous accent. Usually I am the only one with an accent, so my ears perk up. My friend Kiera comes running over to tell me Catherine is in the store looking at a crochet blanket. I tried to contain my excitement and held back on taking a photo and sending it to my husbands work ( a gossip mag) and I swaggered coyly over to the other side of the store to get a good look at her. I had to sum her up, I mean she is usually like a goddess.

I see Celebs allot, but never her!
Here is what I saw and learned about Catherine Zeta-Jones my friends:

1. She is short, shorter than she appears on film. I think somewhere in the 5 ft3, 5 ft4 range, because she did not appear taller than me.

2. She is sooo skinny

3. Her hair is thin and not as full looking as on film

4. She looks nothing like she does in the movies, in fact the other girls were outraged at the condition of her skin.
Yes I saw a few browning spots, but I didn't think she looked too bad. Some of the others thought she was quite average looking.

5. Her teeth look fake.

6. She has the most beautiful lips.

7. Her voice is exactly as you think it will be. PERFECT!

8. She is nice and friendly. She gabbed away and was super sweet.

9. She bought grey wool with a shine in it to knit a wide, loose stitched scarf for herself. She asked if casting on 50 stiches would be enough.

10 Some of thegirls gossipped about the fact that she looked so old and that she was sooo lying about her age. They swear she is in her 40's and that if you look back on her early films you can tell she has been around a while.

11. She knits people, she knits and I love her!

P.S. My friends and the strangers in the store were so excited at how normal she was, I felt sorry for her, they actually loved that she was not pretty, was short and had bad skin. As a public, woman can be so mean, just to bring the stars down to their level, I am sorry to say it did give me some gratification too, knowing she was plain looking.
But she was fantastically nice.


Sarah said...

I looooooooooove her

Claire said...

It gives me HOPE, if a plain looking welsh girl can earn millions of $$ and bag herself a movie star (Yeah OK, I would be aiming for someone slightly different to Michael Douglas... is Joachin Phoenix single?), look like dynamite on film (it's all just airbrushing and makeup, hurrah! Quick, someone airbrush me!) then I'm not a totally lost cause!