Saturday, March 04, 2006

The end of an era

I am about to inform you of my guilty pleasures.
I am almost a little embarrassed to say....
I love Sunday night T.V.

I hardly watch the telly, but Sunday night, from 8pm-11pm, I am glued to the t.v while folding laundry and eating chicken wings with blue cheese dressing that my husband Shawn orders from Dominos.

My Sunday nights go something like this.....

8pm Charmed on the WB - I know, I know - I cant explain it, but I love it!
9pm Desperate Housewives on ABC - I like it, but I wouldn't complain if it got cancelled.
10pm Greys Anatomy on ABC - My new addiction! I look forward to it all weekend.

Now just know this, I plan my entire weekend around keeping this time slot ( 8pm-11pm) free. I make no plans and when I do, it is accidental and I end up whining to my husband the entire time. In event of this, he makes sure we are home before 8pm and the wings are ordered for dinner.

My husband usually has to scamper to the other side of the apartment, but once in a while, after checking to see that the coast is clear (during commercials), he will make an appearance to say hi. We have learned that we cannot speak to each other too near the end of any of those three mentioned hours...Heaven forbid I miss the conclusion of any of my shows.

My Sunday routine has been this way for almost 2 years and now, my friends, I fear it is coming to an end.

I just received the bad news that one of my television addictions is being cancelled.
Charmed, the witchy television series is coming to an end. No more Paige, no more Piper, no more Phoebe, no more...Leo.

Why oh why?

Well, apparently the WB and UPN are joining forces to become one channel and Charmed was a casualty of their marriage. Does this new network have so much great new programming planned that they can yank this out from under me?
Like most marriages, something had to be sacrificed. In my marriage it was my husband's sanity. How he puts up with me, I don't know!

My Sunday night rituals are in for a big change. And now, all I can do is prepare myself for the end of the season. the change of an era.

I will remain an avid fan until the end! The only good news, I guess, is that, sort of like Law and Order, Charmed reruns can usually be found three hours every day.

The end comes too soon for us all!
Brace yourself people, brace yourself!


Delicia said...

I smiled sadly when I read this entry...yes yes no umm so and so and no more Leo!!!

gnarly nanny said...

hah, my boyfriend works for the wb, so yeah that sucks. as for the apartment- heh... downtown buffalo does not equal downtown ny... our downtown is pretty scary. i'd probably still live there if it were up to me though, those apts were just too sweet.

Claire said...

We have a channel here in the UK which shows Charmed reruns pretty much 8 hours a day
It's Charmed and Will & Grace, I think they should up their programming budget somewhat and buy some more shows...