Monday, July 24, 2006

My husband spoils me.....

Yes he does!

With gifts and flowers and kisses galore.

Friday was my birthday!

Not only did my hubby pick up a giant bouquet of flowers from the florist, but he was in co-hoots with my family in South Africa and actually printed out a beautiful note from them and stuck the note onto the flowers. It melted my heart.

He also personally delivered an ice-cream cake, took me out to Lunch and then later out to a glorious Dinner at a fabulous bistro.

BUT, the cherry on the cake was that he bought me a brand new sewing machine.

My first one ever!

I am so excited to figure out how to use it. I have been wanting one for ages.

Yes, I know, you all want him don't you?

Well, you can't have him, because HE IS MINE!


gnarly nanny said...

a. happy birthday!!!

b. your husband kicks ass.

c. welcome to the "i have a sewing machine and i don't know how to use it" club!!

Claire said...

happy birthday!
Oooh you lucky thing, hope you have fun with the sewing machine, they rock! I am scared of electric ones though, I still use and old turn-handle Singer ;-)

R. Robyn said...

Have you husband call mine. I want a sewing machine, BIG TIME. Happy belated birthday!

Carrie said...

Happy Belated and where have you been??

lindiepindie said...

Yay! What a wonderful gift! The best way to learn is to just give it a try. Oh yeah - keeping the owner's manual in the bathroom helps too. :o) I've taken mine to bed before - it's some good reading.