Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ham Steak?

HAM STEAK........
Ever heard of it?

My husband is baffled by me having a name for a large thick slice of ham. I call it and believe it to be, a Ham Steak. He refuses to call it a ham steak. He just wants to call it Ham.
He even called his mother, so that she could verify his claim.
So, yes, I do admit, it is ham, but what about differentiating it from its lunch cousin the sandwich ham, or its holiday sibling the Roast/Hot Ham? How are we to know which ham we are buying, if we don't have different names for different cuts and styles of meat.
Am I wrong here people?

Well, call it what you like my dear, either way, its what you're going to be eating for dinner.

Hot Ham Steak, Tater Tots and Buttered Corn......a dinner fit for a 5 year old.

Enjoy your HAM STEAK my love!


gnarly nanny said...

haha, i love tater tots!

Jane Doe said...

"Now there's a way to see if your nanny is one of the few of millions spotted misbehavin' in public and submitted to the I Saw Your Nanny Blog..."