Friday, April 07, 2006

Things I acknowledged about myself today

1. My mom is my best friend

2. I Love chocolate WAY too much

3. I think my marriage is perfect

4. I need to eat healthier food

5. I should find a way to move more (walk or yoga)

6. I am a neat freak

7. I love to cook

8. I should get a job instead of always volunteering.

9. I love the movie Clueless

10. I am in total denial that Charmed is almost over

11. I love my in-laws

12. I was born to be a nurse

13. I have a Midwestern-housewife fantasy

14. I have truly great friends

15. I have a freak flag and don't wave it nearly as my much as I should

16. I wish Katie Holmes wasn't having Tom Cruises baby

17. I want to live by the water (I dont mean like now! We live a block from the Hudson River)

18. I should try more "new" things

19. I miss Africa and should try to get home more often!

20. My husband loves me for the best and the worst that I am....

All in all, I am one lucky woman!

1 comment:

gnarly nanny said...

1. me too!
2. a person can't love chocolate too much :)
3. it sounds like it!
4. "healthy food... tastes so good" (that was a sesame street song from back in the day, with dancing, singing foam vegetable puppets)
5. i recommend both, they feel great. comfy shoes are a must for long-distance walking, and conversely, i prefer no shoes at all for yoga. :)
6. me too... when i can dig myself out of our piles of mess...
7. cooking is the best.
8. wow.
10. can't say i ever got into that one.
11. it was cute when you shouted out to your dad in law on the blog.
12. awesome
13. haha! i have a housewife fantasy, but it's not a midwestern one... well, maybe chicago...
14. awesome!
15. hee hee
16. eww, i know.
17. we can switch places! i live near lake erie.
18. always good.
19. i want to visit africa so badly!
20. awww!