Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Alias Celeb sighting

Saw Melissa Suzanne George aka Lauren Reed of Alias fame tonight. She also plays a character named Deanna Schine in the Jennifer Aniston/Clive Owen movie Derailed.

She was buying a ton of sofa pillows that were marked 50% off. At least she shops for a deal, but let me tell you, her taste is atrocious.
The pillows were all old-fashioned cottage style, with tassels. HUGE TASSELS.

She was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and had the most fabulous bag, I must admit it was the bag that drew my attention, I saw the bag and was dreaming about it being mine, when she turned around and I saw her face.

These are the things I noticed about her.

- She is always sporting a serious Jolie pout on television, but in reality, she has really thin lips.

-She has a SERIOUS overbite. I mean serious! Now I know why her lips look pouty on t.v.

-Because I was standing behind her I could see her hair extentions quite clearly, they did not look good, were growing out and looked so fake ----eeuugh

-Once again, another celebrity who is seriously skinny. It took all my willpower not to offer to take her out for a sandwich. I might have to start carrying a candy bar around with me, just incase I bump another celeb. My god, with all that money, you would think they would buy themselves some pasta or something!

- The good thing about her was that the clerks kept making mistakes, they forgot a few pillows, rang up more than she bought ect. They were annoying me, but she was lovely to them the through the entire ordeal, telling them to take their time, smiling, she was so sweet, I felt like feeding her, then hugging her!


gnarly nanny said...

i love reading your accounts of celebrity sitings!!! keep 'em comin'. haha! i actually have to admit to never having watched alias- but she looks cute in the pic- slightly contrary to what she looks like in reality, from your description, i'm assuming? heh, it's amazing what professional hair/makeup/stylists and a few camera tricks can do to a girl, huh?
nice to hear she was cordial to the staff, too. :)

Carrie said...

Next time you need to carry a net, so you can trap the celeb and haul them off to Cold Stone! Loving the blog, Louise!