Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday night at my house

My husband is working the late shift tonight which means he will only be home after midnight. I hate the evenings when he isn't here to share my drama with me.

I am pacing the hardwood floors in our apartment, trying to broil a steak and some vegetables, while I wait for the 2 hour conclusion of Greys Anatomy.

My apartment is in desperate need of a spring cleaning, but I am too preoccupied with the time to care. In 45 minutes we will finally know how the characters on Greys Anatomy will end their season. Is Izzy going to kill the love of her life. Is Derek going to leave his wife for Meredith? If he does, will Meredith give him the finger? How did Chris O'Donnell age so well?

I am going to check on my dinner and wait.
and wait....

and wait..............

and wait!


R. Robyn said...

Okay, you have me wondering what happens, but I hope you don't tell! I'm a couple weeks behind on my Grey's Anatomy!

Carrie said...

Patrick Dempsy is HOT. Meredith has a very unattractive lisp. If the TV world were to collide with reality I would give that bitch a run for her money.

gnarly nanny said...

as for what when how, check out the new post.
i'm happy, but sad.
hope the last episode of greys was to your liking! (i'm more of a 'lost' girl!)

gnarly nanny said...

august, or as soon as we find someone new for roo and papoose.