Monday, April 24, 2006

Freaky pre-school parents

Today at around noon, I visited a friend who works at the JCC in Manhattan. The JCC pre-school had just let out and my ears were in overdrive. This is what I overheard.

While kids and their grown-ups mingled in the hallways, a freaky parent exposed her freaky colors.

The conversation I overheard went like this.

Parent 1: Oh cool, I see your little C---- got a fashionably punky haircut. It's cool.
Parent 2: You think so?
Parent 1: Absolutely
Parent 2:Thank god you think so
Parent 1 :Where did you have it cut?
Parent 2: I cut it
Parent 1: No way, you did that?
Parent 2: Yeah, I was hammered! Too much vodka ha, ha (nervous laugh)
Parent 1: (wide eyes, fake smile, no sound coming out)
Parent 2:She was complaining about her hair, so I cut it, I was drunk and annoyed. But I woke up in the middle of the night afterward and when I realized what I did, I felt so bad. I mean look at it, god it is awful, all zig zaggy and stuff.
Parent 1: (obviously happy parent 2 is remorseful and apparently that's the go -ahead for condolence) no, dont think that way, it looks kind of cool
Parent 2: meet me downstairs in 5 minutes and I will tell you the whole story. I feel terrible about it, I dont know why I feel so bad. What should I do, wait dont tell me now, we can talk about it later! Do you think the other mothers overheard, I would hate them to think bad about me, but why would they?
(ME): Well maybe most people think badly about people who get drunk and cut their 3 year old daughters hair !

Dirty looks were shot my way, so I ducked for cover and raced down the stairs to Starbucks.


Carrie said...

Starbucks will protect you! Are these parents for real? Totally sick!

Nanny Louise said...

It is more real than I would like. I must say I think I might be in the dog box with those two parents, but oh, what the hell, if she can drink and cut her childs hair, well, then I can comment on it when she admits it in public!

gnarly nanny said...

oh my GOD! that's insane.
please borrow the post; a "tag" is when someone wants you to do one a post like theirs, on the same subject or whatever... i can't explain it very well, so anyways... i'm tagging you. :)

R. Robyn said...

wow! interesting story, and good for you speaking up!

Tink said...

WHAT is wrong with people?! 1. Drunk people should not go near scissors. 2. People who are prone to being drunk with scissors should not have kids. Simple logic here...