Monday, May 29, 2006

Spring Fever

I have spent the past 4 days Spring cleaning our apartment.
I've been meaning to do this for weeks, because a few hundred dust bunnies that were taking up residence under our bed had to be evicted!

I packed away the Winter and Fall clothes to make way for all our Summer ensembles. I mopped, swept, moved furniture, threw out magazines and filled a huge cardboard box with books to be donated to our local library.
It feels good. I might be becoming a little neat freak, but even my husband notices a breezy difference in our humble Manhattan abode..

There is something to be said for knowing where all your stuff is.
Now if I could just sort through all of our important documents and get our filing cabinets in order, I'd be having the perfect week!

Speaking of weeks.............................
I have 2 weeks left at work. I feel like the end can't come soon enough. I am going to miss the kids, but let me tell you, I miss having and taking care of my own life. Finally, I am going to move onto something new. It is definitely a time for change. I look forward to rediscovering the art of only being emotionally responsible for my own family.

Now lets just see how long it lasts!


gnarly nanny said...

but what will you call your blog!?!??


Nanny Louise said...

ummm, lets see.....The ex-manhattan nanny chronicles?

R. Robyn said...

I love spring cleaning. I was forced to get rid of all kinds of things to move into my new house. It had to be done. I can't bring in old junk to live with my soon-to-be husband!

Good luck on the outside.

P.S. Come look at my pictures!

Carrie said...

I am wondering what you blog will turn into now that yuo are leaving the fam. :*( I hope you have more time to do it now.

ExAfrica said...

How long must we wait for the "Adventures of a New Life", a.k.a "Life Beyond (someone else's) Children"!!!?

BTW - some sort of SA thing going on near Boston next month - will you be there??

Nanny Louise said...

I didnt know about any south african thing going on in boston. I will have to look into it and try to get there.
This week will be the week for many updates.