Saturday, July 01, 2006

Project Girl

Me relax?
I have been having a very relaxing summer, even though I feel like I am going a little stir crazy.
Those who know me, are aware that I am ridiculous and like having something to do.
I am a project girl.
I attack life as one big calendar of events and while this might be tiring to those around me, it invigorates me. I love the hunt and chase of a new project. The thrill of finding something to do.

Hey, maybe I am more like crazy Tom Cruise than you all think!

I am on vacation and I am not suppose to be doing anything.
I should be nothing.
My husband insists I "kick back and relax".

We are away from NYC, in a place with wonderful people, doing nice things for one another. I am having a great time and I have loved going into pause.
The hardest thing to do so far has been trying to get out of nanny mode!

Whenever I am out shopping, I automatically gear toward things for kids, I miss being an aupair, but nannying in NYC is just out of the question. Where can I find a job where my job would be to hunt high and low and spoil and educate children without footing the bill. mmnnhhh?????

I am also getting involved with strange parents and their kids on the street. I have to learn to keep my opinions to myself and get a darn job lol.

And a few couples we met up with have interrogated me about nannying and childrearing. I know they are seeking advice, and I love dishing out, but how do I stop thinking and acting and responding like a nanny? I mean seriously, my aupair days were years ago!

How do you go back to before you were once a childminder? And if I have to think about it, I babysat for years in South Africa. So I would have to go back to 1990.

but I think I am off to a good start.
I have, taken a 3 week vacation with my husband, where our main goal is to do nothing but relax and have fun.
I am in week #2 and planning the rest of my Summer, but first, on my husbands orders, I have to relax some more. How much more relaxed can I get? I am basically a housewife.

I just dont know if I can.

We have some cool stuff planned, like a rummage sale and garage sale today, followed by coffee at a quaint coffee shop.... I love old things and then we are going to travel to his sister in Fulda Minnesota for July 3rd and 4th.
Then we off to his parents for the rest of the week.

I have not been back to NYC for over 2 weeks now. It is a great feeling to be away, but I can't help thinking about what to do when I get back.

Yes, I am going to start nursing school in the fall, but will that be enough?

So, after thinking long and hard about things. I have come up with a plan.

I have decided to spend the remainder of the Summer and well into the fall I am going to...................


The old fashioned way.
Apprentice style.
Learning from books, t.v and the people around me.
I am still busy making the list, I am so excited, I can hardly wait.
What kinds of things? (you might be wondering)

Well here are a few I am thought about...They are just thoughts.

1. Learn how to create a soft serve ice-cream cone. (It looks so easy, but in high school I tried and failed miserably, so I didn't get the job at Milky Lane, the malt and ice-cream shop.....And now 13 years later...It still haunts me.

2. Learn how to quilt. I have always wanted to learn, but never had the time. Hey, I think one of Shawns 80 year old aunts knows how to quilt. I might have to take a lesson from her, only problem is that she lives in Minnesota. But that's right near Shawns sister, and we will be in the area next week...hhmmmmm maybe I will be able to learn from her.

3. Learn how to change the oil on a car. I know how to check it, but change it?

4. Make an edible pizza from scratch

5. Make balloon animals.

6. Throw a dinner party for 6 on under $30 (almost impossible you might say. But is it?)

7. Develop photographs in a dark room. (where do I find a dark room and what am I thinking?)

Oh and there is so much more.
I think I will aim for about 50 or so.
I will post my list when I am done and see how to get this baby off to a good start.
I have no idea where to start. I think I am either going to change this blog a little, or start another.

I will let you know when I figure it out and I will let you know how it goes.


gnarly nanny said...

wow, your list sounds ambitious and fun... hope it all works out!
have fun on the rest of your tour de US

Carrie said...

Louise, I think when you are back in town you should give me a call. I want to hear all about the end of nannydom, your vacation and your new projects. Sounds like things are great!

R. Robyn said...

I wish I could relax. Have fun while you are doing (or not doing?) it. Sounds like a fun list of things to accomplish.

Sassy Student said...

#6 - Dinner party for six...

Potluck. Throw a putluck! You provide the main dish, people bring everything else!

Sassy Student said...

#6 - Dinner party for six...

Potluck. Throw a putluck! You provide the main dish, people bring everything else!