Monday, September 04, 2006

"I'm not running anymore"

I spent the day walking and wondering around the streets of Upper Manhattan, enjoying the greenery and fresh air.
Somehow, I ended up at a huge Jennifer Convertible's showroom. The smell of leather couches romanced me into entering.
I spent ages gazing at the prices and eventually found myself lounging around on the gorgeous furniture in the clearance section. I ended up becoming friendly with the manager, who hates her job and is at the end of her rope.
We spoke abut life, money and crappy jobs.
Her name is Joanne, and she is fabulous.

As part of her exit, she is clearing out the showroom and literally offered me 50% off the clearance price. You have to love bitter sales people with 2 weeks left at their awful job.
I am going back tomorrow to finalize my sale......Now I just have to talk to my hubby about forking over the cash first.

After leaving the showroom I walked to Broadway where I bought a juicy yellow mango on a stick from a lovely Dominican woman. She cut and peeled the mango into a flower shape with edible petals and attatched it to a long skewer stick.
I munched my mango while waiting for the bus.

Upon arriving at home I was in a crafty and bloggy, happy, dipsy and musical mood.
I blame the fresh mango.

So I blog this, while listening to John Mellancamp's greatest hits....... And ofcourse, I am waiting for my glue gun to heat up.

I am crafting fancy, ribbon hairclips for a crafty swap. They are going to be beautiful!

Oops, gotta go!
The glue gun is ready and John is singing for me to dance naked!


gnarly nanny said...

umm... hot glue+naked dancing=recipe for disaster. careful there.
other than that impending 3rd degree burn, sounds like a totally awesome day, all in all. good luck with your furnishings. a leather couch, that sounds so grown up!

Buffy said...

Bitter sales people are the best!

laurie said...

thanks for the comment!! i will look for a pkg. this is a fun swap. NYC!! i just took my 2nd trip to the city this summer. I heart NY. what a fun city. and my daughter was a nanny for some time. so we have some things in common. glad i have a new blog to read.

Corrie said...

hi there
sounds like you are busy! I just posted your card swap yesterday and hope you like them!!!!!!

Corrie :)