Monday, October 16, 2006

Cape Town Here we come!

Shawn and I are planning our trip to the mother city of Cape Town, South Africa.
We are about to buy our tickets and I am so excited, I could puke.

We are planning to leave Saturday the 23rd of December and stay until the last week of January. That's 5 or more weeks!

Thankfully I get the entire January off from College, which means we get to spend Christmas, New Years Eve and a whole lot of weeks on the beach, sunning ourselves.
But best of all, we get to see my family and relax a bit.

I am trying to put up a time zone counter for Cape Town and a Countdown clock in my link section. Its all I know how to do, but if anyone knows how to add a graphic counter, please email me.

I cant wait.
I am going to start packing tonight.

OK, don't tell anyone, but I have already started packing...
I know we have 2 months to wait, but you can never be too prepared.


Bronwen said...

Lucky you! It's been exactly a year since I was in Cape Town. I'll be here in NYC, celebrating the festive season in the States for the first time. I love packing for an overseas trip, it's the unpacking that I despise! Happy packing and planning to you!

Carrie said...

Awesome! I met a gorgeous South African man at the bar this past weekend and he took care of my entire tab. You South Africans are just SO nice. I hope you have a great vacation and keep us posted between now and then and then of course during. XO