Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh, so many excuses

From the sporatic blogging I have done over the past few months, one might assume my blogging quest has fallen by the wayside. But I gaurantee you that it has not. In fact I "think" at many times throughout the day. Juat today as I was walking home from school, I was thinking about so many reasons I have not kept my blog up to date.
here are just a few.

  1. College is hectic, tests, classes and chaos
  2. Thanksgiving is coming and I am prepping the apartment for our fabulous soiree
  3. Our trip to South Arica is just around the corner and I spend every waking moment planning it and deciding what to wear in make-believe situations that just might occur when we get there lol
  4. volunteering after college, with the kids for two afternoons, steals a whole two days of my week
  5. I am trying to get into a fitness regimen. I am still in the sitting on the sofa and thinking about it, rather than doing it phase, but I working on it.
  6. I am lazy. right now anyway. there, I finally said it. I just cant seem to sit in front of this computer and blog a thing.
  7. I read too many blogs, that by the time I finish reading them I am suffering from eye strain and in need of my icy mask.
  8. Too many people I know personally read it..yes I am talking about you guys..the parents... so I limit the juicy sex gossip....which leads to posts about cleaning and lists about why I dont blog.
  9. When I am online I am playing scrabble. I have become a word junkie. Actually, I am trying to prep myself for what I am sure is going to be a scrabble war between us and my parents in south Africa. they are scrabble nuts and know something like 100 2 letter words that dont make sense.

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