Monday, November 20, 2006

Smelly Mold!

For two months our neighbors/friends who live in the apartment below us have been having breathing problems, chest pains and wheezing. A few weeks ago, their puppy developed asthma.
Now last week, I have gotten a cold and headaches etc.
Today after our downstairs neighbor told us to look in our closet, I was appalled to find that the back of our closet was wet and yucky.

Its a huge built in closet, and behind all the clothes and shoe racks, it is filled with mold. Apparently there is a leak in the wall and it has dripped down to the apartment below us.
Their closet is an Amazon jungle of mold. We are all sick and panicked, so we called 311 to see if we need the health department to check it out.
Thankfully, our super is sending someone, but who knows how long this has been going on.

Of course it has to happen around Thanksgiving, when we are already in chaos trying to organise a fabulous dinner.

Anyway, I sprayed the mold with bleach, yes, the bleech spray from the post below - I still love it
I think it kills everything, so why not mold too. And now all I can do is wait, and wheeze and cough and hope the mold spores aren't toxic.

Any advice from anyone who has dealt with this before?

Now I have to go empty our closets and throw out all the damaged goods.

Uuggghhh, the life of a New Yorker, if these old buildings could talk, who knows what they would tell us.



A quick comment about your mold issue. Good news that the Super is coming to take care of the leak - you need to fix the water source. In the meantime, thought I'd tell you there's a new product called Concrobium Mold Control that kills and prevents mold - and it's totally non-toxic. Better and safer than bleach. It's sold by Home Depot. Not all stores have it so try if you're interested.

gnarly nanny said...

woah, i actually did have a mold incident... ripping up the gross old carpeting in my living room made me so sick i had to miss work for a day, and i felt like garbage for at least 2 weeks.
mold is the WORST! poor neighbor puppy... and poor you and hubby!

Carrie said...

Gross! I lived in a building like that for a long time and never really knew what the problem was. I hope your super takes care of it right away! Have a great Thanksgiving!