Saturday, November 25, 2006


Our closet is finally mold free.

Thank goodness, because I don't know how much longer I could have slept in the living room.

A few days ago, sleeping on the sofa bed was like participating in the discovery of a new Japanese torture device.

Shawn and I thought we would eventually be able to train ourselves to sleep standing up, because nothing could have been worse than sleeping on that futon.
So, after 2 torturous nights, we moved our bed into the living room and have been sleeping OK, but it feels like we are living in a studio again.

Our apartment looks like a bomb hit it, there is no order at all, we have piles of laundry that need to be sent out, tons of clothes we have to throw away because of the mold and an entire room full of junk that has accumulated from the chaos.
This has been one hectic week, but thankfully comes to an end!

We are going to move our bed back into the bedroom tonight. I am supposed to be mopping the bedroom floor right now so we can move the bed back into the room and Shawn has run out to pick up some Caesar Salad and Buffalo Chicken tenders.

We are going to celebrate having our bedroom back, by having an indoor pic-nic on our wonderful bed, in our fabulous bedroom and by watching a sweaty, hunky, somewhat creepy Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3. - Thank you Netflix!

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